As a native of New England, after being schooled in Massachusetts, I relocated to California for five years. I returned to Massachusetts, deciding that this would always be home to me, as there is nothing like New England, its’ people and its’ coast!

My accumulated experience is through the positions I have held in marketing, client services and management in the relocation, construction, manufacturing, and publishing venues. Yet, I am not done, as I firmly believe there is something new to learn each day.

Brenda Everson~Shaw



As a military family I continue to support our troops. Those who serve, I thank you and your families for the constant sacrifices you make.

For those who have served, I thank you for all that you gave and your continued support of those brothers and sisters who are actively serving.

Last, but not at all least, for those families whose soldier paid the ultimate price, my condolences and appreciation for raising such a brave, dedicated  individual who chose to serve our Country.

My daily prayers are with all troops and their families.

Thank you one and all for your unselfish service to keep America free.

support troops




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