Helen MacLean, Executive Director, Plymouth Area Coalition, Kingston, MA

“Brenda does an amazing job publishing our organizations quarterly newsletters! They are bright, creative, and get our information to our supporters in a fun and exciting way.
Her ability to understand our mission and convey that essence through our newsletters is a true talent.  Brenda provides her services in an extremely professional manner and is an absolute pleasure to work with”

Ned McNamara, Yoga Master & Personal Trainer, Spokane, WA

”It is my privilege to recommend Brenda Everson-Shaw as a consummate business professional. I am a personal trainer and yoga teacher and owner of my studio in Spokane Valley, WA.”

My business was struggling and haphazardly moving along. I came across an article Ms. Shaw had written in a local paper The Patriot Ledger and was impressed with her writing skills, taking note she was an independent business consultant and marketer. I contacted her to discuss my business goals along with my philosophy and what I was looking to accomplish.

After digesting the information I provided her, Brenda strongly suggested I use the internet to reach potential clients. Brenda created my current website and helped me write and produce ads for a local monthly magazine. My business doubled in six months and continues to grow at a controlled pace. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I also continue to receive guidance from Brenda regarding my advertising and suggestions for a monthly letter on my website.

I highly recommend Brenda Shaw. She is adept at analyzing a situation, taking action as well as making necessary adjustments to attain the intended goals.”

Dawn Cahill, Vice President, Heat Pumps Unlimited, LLC, Kingston, MA

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda Shaw for the past year. Brenda has a creative approach to developing marketing materials. She contributed to marketing communications by writing press releases for targeted media, helping to set up interviews for radio and TV. Also, she developed the brochures and other marketing materials to attract customers.

She has added a new look to the Heat Pumps Unlimited web site and continues to update our blog on a weekly basis.

She has helped with marketing our new business and did an excellent job expanding our marketing efforts to potential customers. Brenda is an excellent communicator and will do whatever is necessary to get the job done.”


Richard Larkin, President/CEO, Larkin Enterprises, Inc., Lincoln, ME

“Brenda Everson-Shaw is someone whom I would recommend to any company seeking a confident, dedicated person to become a member of their staff or a marketing consultant who will get your name recognized by the right potential client.

I have known Brenda for a number of years but only recently had the opportunity to work with her directly when I asked her to review the web content of my company, Larkin Enterprises, Inc. (LEI) which has a presence both domestically and internationally in the energy industry. She pointed out how essential it is, as the owner of an extremely busy company, to personally and periodically review my web site and not simply leave it in the hands of others.

Brenda possesses a commendable work ethic, taking pride in each step of her contribution to a project. You will definitely find her motivated by a challenge, getting you from Point A to Point B in the most expeditious and professional way while maintaining a high level of integrity.

I have had the pleasure of seeing her in action. Brenda has the ability to converse with anyone, from the blue-collar construction worker to CEO of a Fortune 500 company, making those around her feel essential. She displays a courteous, sincere interest in the other party and their contribution to the discussion, asking key questions that get to the actual point of the topic.

Brenda’s client interaction is consistently professional as well as compassionate. You will find that she has the ability to make your clients feel that any issues or concerns they have will be addressed and solved by your company. If she does not have the answer she does not stop until she finds the person who can be of assistance.

If you are seeking a key person who can jump in to lend a hand at something outside of her scope of work, I sincerely doubt you will ever hear her say, “That’s not my job”. While working with Brenda you will discover her philosophy seems to be “we can do it and we can do it
better.” She is reliable and sincere when she believes in what you are attempting to accomplish.

Brenda is a devoted family person who has the ability to balance her personal and professional life with admirable ease.”


Jeff Yalden ,International Motivational Speaker & Author

“I have been fortunate to have hired Brenda on several freelance jobs and each time every job was beyond my expectations and done promptly. I wouldn’t hesitate in hiring Brenda for future projects. A great lady that is trustworthy and accountable. “

 Dr. Jean Oertel, Clinical Psychologist

“Competent, innovative, sound, motivated and creative. Brenda has the complete package for success.”

Dave Stephens, Senior Network & Telecomm Engineer at Ocean Spray Cranberries

“Brenda has the qualities needed to succeed in business. Her professional attitude, high standards and character make her an asset on any team. I would highly recommend Brenda.

Scott Gordon, President / CEO Realty Edge, LLC

“I had the extreme pleasure of working with Brenda at Relocation Resources International (RRI) over a 5 year period. Brenda was always professional, courteous, and compassionate with her transferees, corporate clients & service providers. Brenda displayed great work ethic at all times. She was well respected among her peers & always strives to set the bar higher. Brenda is truly an invaluable asset to any organization. Not only does she have a positive outlook on life and in business but she’s a wonderful person with a great big heart. I’m lucky to have known her for many years.”


Wil Nickerson, Retired Real Estate Broker, Spring Hill, FL

“It is with great pleasure, and without reservation, that I write this letter of recommendation for Brenda Everson-Shaw.

I have known Brenda for many years and can attest to her honesty, integrity, and ability to listen with her whole heart, assess a situation and offer solutions. She thinks outside the box and on a number of occasions has helped me see possibilities I may have overlooked.

Her work ethic is impeccable. She is always “all in” once presented with a challenge and takes great pride in successfully completing any project she commits to.

Brenda has the unique ability to deal with people from all walks of life and make them feel comfortable in her presence, while at the same time assuring them of her capability to get the job done.

Her enthusiasm is infectious. Her character is beyond reproach. Her “People Skills” undeniable.

Brenda is a steadfast friend and someone who seems to be able to juggle work and family with grace and ease.”

 If you would like to contact any of my references, please email me. I will provide you with contact information of any or all references.



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